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Our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Reserve one of our premiere Micro-Hotel rooms to sleep, work or relax in international airport terminals.

Lady Andrews- President and CEO Layover, Inc.


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Currently, the in-airport hotel market is concentrated in Europe with two locations in the United States. Yotel is the largest “micro-hotel” company with locations in the London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and Amsterdam Schiphol international airports. The London Heathrow airport is the fourth busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. London Heathrow handles more international passengers each year than any other airport.

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Layover, Inc. is able to forecast and assess customer needs. Foundational research was conducted to confirm the validity of business and operation assumptions. Flights can be a stressful period and can lead to sleep deprivation. There are a number or problems that arise as a result of lack of sleep. One’s immune system is lowered, alertness and concentration are reduced and it elevates the stress hormone known as Cortisol.

Airline passengers with connecting flights can look forward to our resort micro-hotel accommodations. According to the Wall Street Journal, airports are becoming more and more like hotels. Airlines are increasingly cancelling flights due to inclement weather conditions, mechanical disruptions and booking to capacity therefore stranding terminal dwelling passengers. To put it plainly, airports are considered the “hotel of the last resort”.

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